Junliang Ye | 叶俊良

I am a first-year master's student in the Department of Computer Science at Tsinghua University , advised by Prof. Jun Zhu. In 2022, I obtained my B.S. in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Peking University.

My research interest lies in the AI4science, machine learning and AIGC.

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dise DreamReward: Aligning Human Preference in Text-to-3D Generation
Junliang Ye*, Fangfu Liu*, Qixiu Li, Zhengyi Wang, Yikai Wang, Xinzhou Wang, Yueqi Duan ,                  Jun Zhu
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2024
[arXiv] [Code] [Project Page]

we present a comprehensive framework, coined DreamReward, to learn and improve text-to-3D models from human preference feedback.

dise AnimatableDreamer: Text-Guided Non-rigid 3D Model Generation and Reconstruction with Canonical Score Distillation
Xinzhou Wang, Yikai Wang, Junliang Ye, Zhengyi Wang, Fuchun Sun, Pengkun Liu, Ling Wang,         Kai Sun, Xintong Wang, Bin He
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2024
[arXiv] [Code] [Project Page]

we propose ANIMATABLEDREAMER, a framework with the capability to generate generic categories of non-rigid 3D models.

dise PKU_WICT at TRECVID 2022: Disaster Scene Description and Indexing Task
Yanzhe Chen, HsiaoYuan Hsu, Junliang Ye, Zhiwen Yang, Zishuo Wang, Xiangteng He, Yuxin Peng
Virtual, Online
[arXiv] [Code] [Project Page]

We achieved first place in the TRECVID 2022 competition.

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